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it is what is it imageWayne Anthony Lyons makes his feature directorial debut in, “a tale of betrayal, deceit and manipulation’ co-written with Tony James this gangster black comedy-drama set in London portrays how apparently normal and rational relationships can degenerate into an anarchic spiral of raw emotion, anger and violence.

Anthony Johnson (Wayne Anthony) and business partner Chris Freeman (Mike Mitchell) owners of “Blitz“ a health supplement supplier have been in business together for nearly 20 years. Chris is the one who controls the business, the money, and the banks. Lucas (Actor) owner of the company “Lush“ is the importer for Blitz and only deals with his contact in New York, Voldomar Obrovonich (Actor?) nicknamed VO, outward and very violent he learnt his trade from the Russian mafia. They sent him to America to work on their business, being multivitamins, supplements, body building products and steroids.

GS1000 created by The Professor – Rupert Dingo Oswald (actor?) an absolute eccentric genius, who whilst living in Woolloomooloo, a suburb of Sydney Australia was partly brought up by Aborigines, while learning his craft he came across the magic potion made from herbs going back thousands of years. The potion made the Aborigines strong and run for days.

GS 1000 hidden and imported into the UK by Voldomar’s right hand man Kolac the killing machine, military trained, no mercy, no nonsense man.

Lucas, supplier to the distributor Scratcher (actor?) scouse drug dealer and his friends; The Delinquents, Jezz, Bogie, Tubz and Albino, bad multi coloured hair cuts. Taser each other just for fun but they all only live for one thing, the love of their lives, Daisy the pigeon. The award winning homing pigeon, pilot and unknown to her, a trafficker.

By the time Anthony and Chris realise what really is in their shipments they owe over £500 000 and the bank pull the plug. They have no choice but to go see The Shepherd (Joe Egan) money launderer, Man Mountain and loan shark. They reluctantly seal a deal and the money is loaned but then falls into the wrong hands.

Big D and his 100 strong leather clad biker gang family into prostitution, drugs, protection robberies, torture and killings. You name it they do it! Their leader Kane (George Newton) big bad nasty bastard, dragged up on a council estate together with his Rock chick, no nonsense girlfriend who loves and adores him! Kane brother of Darrell (actor?) good looking, professional football player and lover. Darrell has called off his affair with Isabelle Johnson (Josie Urso) married to Anthony Johnson. Well educated, very successful in anything she does! Good looking and she knows it! Uses this to her advantage but has a dark side. Do not cross her!

The plot thickens, the story escalates into madness. Anthony keeps on hearing voices, goes to see Mary Pritchard (The Psychiatrist) father died when she was 5 years old. Mum is ill, manic depressive. Mary takes care of her. Wants to make everyone better. A professional. Inner secret a massive desire to be wild fantasizes about men and women, sexy passion, lust. Pandora’s Box! Anthony feels he is getting brain washed. No way out. Only one course of action… It is what it is.

World premiere at the 2012 ? Film Festival. It Is What It Is.

Bio’s, Directors, Actors

Executive Director – Wayne Anthony

Wayne a Bradford born business entrepreneur was successful in building a reputation for excellence, he was quickly able to apply his core skills of creative artistic flair, establishing a successful hairdressing business He was successful at that time in winning the British Championships and went on to win 40 further awards nationally.

After spending several years training his own stylists, he spent four years as a lecturer to 400 pupils at Bradford and Barnsley Colleges, teaching level 1, 2, and 3 advanced. Wayne was the winner of the Yorkshire Business Award and became an ambassador for start up projects. Wayne’s success continue into opening others salons in Halifax, York and Bradford, employing 78 staff in total Wayne had a life time ambition to become a Stand up comedian on the mic nights comedy clubs which lead him on to presenting for a Global online entertainment TV channel UNSEEN TV based in Australia and now here in the UK. Wayne liked the Company that much he bought it. Unseen TV is an online television station broadcasting lifestyle, commercial and entertainment. Wayne Anthony now wants to make films, with his incredible flair and tenacity, determination and a good eye for all

Writer/Director – TONY JAMES

TONY JAMES.  Tony began his acting career as a teen. He later played bass guitar in the unsigned band “Lush”.

Tony turned to modelling and acting, initially in television, commercials and independent film productions, but with his first major performance in “London Sorority House” 2002. His career continued to rise and in 2004 release of 54 the movie (directed by Dennis Burkas) alongside Rita Faltoyano and Philippe Dean, Tony James had arrived.

Winner Best Male Performer 2015 The Adult Awards. Winner Best Male Performer 2016 UKAP Awards. Nomination for Best Actor 2008.  2009 nominated for Best Actor. 2010 nomination for Best Actor. 2011 nominated for Best Actor. Other performances include The Lover’s Guide (2002), Only Blue Can Make Me Happy (2006), The Most Shocking Celebrity Moments of 2007 (TV documentary)

In 2007, IPTV Channel Producer Bristol Film Studios. 2007 script writer, feature film “Epiphany” un-produced. 2008 Gallery Producer at Portland Enterprises Ltd. 2009 TV Producer HOPP PR. 2010 PA and script writer as part of the “It is what it is” film project with the CEO Wayne Anthony of Unseen Tv UK. 2011 TV Producer Virtual. 2012 TV Producer Monza Media.

Currently Tony is producing the film “It is what it is”. Co written with the CEO Wayne Anthony of Unseen TV UK.


Josie is a natural and versatile performer. A professional street/commercial dancer by trade, her talents also extend to acting and presenting. She is a full member of equity and ‘Actors’ Spotlight. Josie has extensive experience presenting live on stage to large audiences. Her boundless energy, wit and sense of fun are her trademarks, capturing er audience with her effortless flair and uniqueness. She attained her acting training at Myton School studying a two year Theatre course, which has since lead her to perform in minor roles in Eastenders (BBC), Casualty (BBC), The Bill (Thames tv) The Lenny Henry Show (BBC) 2 series comedy sketch show and Nationwide (Live tv) “friends” commercial. Most recently Josie has been Directed and worked along side Kelly Valentine Hendry (Slumdog Millionaire associate Casting Director) and Chrys Salt an award winning writer and Theatre director.

Current Credits:

  • Mr Carrot Man” (2012) Cartoon. Role: Voice of Miss Coco
  • The Boss (2012)” Feature film. Role: Rebecca, female Lead
  • Condemnation” (2012) Feature film. Role: Detective
  • The Enfield Poltergeist” (2012 dead house production) Feature film. Role: Sam Waite, Lead character. Directed by Paull Hills.


Through my reputation on the Doors of being firm but fair and always polite as possible (but remember “You can’t reason with unreasonable people”). Over the years I’ve been a black belt at Judo ( being the fastest person to ever get their black belt & doing Judo at National level. I started Boxing at the age of 30 before turning pro in same year and after doing well in some smaller competitions in my first year in 1999 and moving onto the UKs strongest man ending in 2004 due to injury’s including snapping my cruciate ligaments in the 1st event but still qualified for the World’s strongest Man but could not go as needed surgery to replace the ligaments but none of it harmed in leading me into various Body guarding contracts at home and abroad being one of the highest paid one on one bodyguards in the world. Contracts included multi-millionaires & even a Billionaire in California (Beverly Hills & Pacific Pallasades) to help solve their problems. I spend my time now being President of Satan Slaves M.C. Calder Valley & riding my Bikes & Hanging out with my Bro’s and I’m Blessed to have two amazing beautiful Daughters 21 and 23 that I couldn’t be more proud of and a grandson who at 16mth old has me wrapped around his little finger and is the Sunshine in my day; and Top of the list my amazing patient wife Jo who I have been with from being 18yrs old who has stood by me through thick and thin.

Actor – MIKE BIO

Mike was born to be an action man. Joining HM Forces at the age of 16 as a combat frogman, he went on to specialise in small arms, explosives and Bomb disposal and became part of HM Elite Special Forces seeing many theatres of operation worldwide. Leaving the services behind he became involved in the Offshore Oil Industry, moving rapidly from deep sea diver to subsea Operations Manager to Company Owner Managing Director of the world’s largest subsea consultancy. It was from his base in Aberdeen that he found time to pursue his love of fitness, power sports, sailing and horse riding. Competing in such diverse challenges as Britain’s Strongest Man, International Three day Eventing and bodybuilding, where he became Scottish Champion qualifying him to compete in the international arena, he achieved no less than 5 x Masters Mr World titles and 2 x Mr Universe titles with the World Fitness Federation. He was honoured in 2005 in Italy with the Grimek International Award for outstanding contribution to sport. A host of other awards followed – In 2010 he was given the highest honour within the WFF, a place in the Hall of Fame and the prestigious “Living Legend Award”. As a qualified Yacht Skipper Mike regularly competes on his own yacht, in International Regattas around the Mediterranean. His acting career started in 1994 by default, due to his sheer size and physical presence, he found himself in Braveheart, he went on to make several feature films such as, The Planet, One Day Removals, City of Hell, Life on the Line and a brief appearance as Frank Findlay in Emmerdale. After defending his 5th World Fitness title a serious heart attack in 2006 slowed Mike down to a gallop and led him to concentrate on acting; since then he has worked alongside the likes of Andrew Garfield, Sean Bean, David Morrissey, Peter Mullins, John Henshaw, Billy Murray, Craig Fairbrass and many others. More recently he was privileged to secure several major roles, having just returned from Turkey, where he shot the new Corporate Vodafone Commercial in Turkish and was involved in the latest James Bond film, Skyfall. He is currently filming in Italy on an all action Hollywood/Italian Horror, Uwe Boll’s Zombie Massacre.

Credits include:

    • Braveheart – (Stunt fighter)
    • Gladiator – (Stunt fighter)
    • The Planet – Capt Morgan (lead)
    • Red Riding 1974 – The Year of Our Lord – Tim Path
    • Freight – Mitch
    • Rough and Ready – Malcom Dapper (Lead)
    • Revenge – Alex Murray (Lead)
    • Rose – Mr Blondie (Lead)
    • Silent Cradle – Richard


Born and bred in Dublin, Big Joe, as he is affectionately known, got his first ring baptism of fire when he fought the national junior champion Steve Collins. In Joe’s second fight against Collins he proved that he’d come on in leaps and bounds. By the age of 24 he had recorded over 80 wins, 7 Irish titles and he was a Golden Gloves Champion. Joe fought 11 times wearing the green vest of Ireland and he attracted even more attention when he went the distance with Lennox Lewis and beat the future WBA champion Bruce Seldon. The fight had it all and enthralled those at the ringside.

    • Joe was encouraged by Floyd Patterson to try his luck in the USA, so Joe joined Mike Tyson’s training camp in the Catskill mountains with the great Cus D’Amato. Joe became like a brother to Mike Tyson, who once said of Joe after a particularly vicious sparring session, that Joe was the Toughest White Man on the Planet. The two became the firmest of friends.
    • Joe’s dreams of continuing as a boxer were cruelly shattered when he was forced to quit following a serious road accident on the night of his second pro fight. Changing fortunes saw him struggle to get his life back on track. His personal life hit the headlines after his former glamorous fiancée Lisa Murphy left him for Lord of the Dance (1997) (V) Michael Flatley. The downward spiral continued with a new pub business venture pitting Joe against organised protection racketeers armed with guns, axes and machetes. Joe was shot and later charged with attempted murder.
    • In May 2004, after an absence of 12 years, Big Joe Egan made his ring comeback at 38 years old. In 2008, Joe broke into acting and was asked personally by Guy Ritchie to appear as himself “Big Joe Egan” in Ritchie’s new film; Sherlock Holmes (2009).


Joined The Royal Navy in 1974 and served in the West Indies and Belize South America North Pole, also served with short attachments to the Army and the Air Force in 1980. Whilst boxing and still in the forces he was found to have a hole in the heart. He left the forces and became a member of the Gibraltar Security Police serving 2 years with them.

He started acting after being approached by Phillapa Howell now his agent in 2001. Whilst working in a post office in Sheffield and after a couple of failed auditions he went for a part in Dead Man’s Shoes, Shane Meadows gave him his first role as Gypsy John. He played a studio manager in Bunny and the Bull, a poacher in Pelican Blood, a human trafficker in my Dangerous Lover Boy, and of course Banjo in This is England 86-88. He played Wilf in a British horror film called Inbred though a company called Aspire. Aspire works closely with Barnsley College to get youngsters onto courses including media, environmental issues and life skills.

When not filming he works for a disabilities trust (brain injury)

Credits Include:

      • Inbred (2011) …. Wilf
      • Jane’s Life (2010) …. Phil
      • Pelican Blood (2010) …. Eddie – Poacher
      • Bunny and the Bull (2009) (unaccredited) …. Polish restaurant manager
      • My Dangerous Lover boy (2009) …. Harding
      • Control (2007) …. Studio Owner
      • This Is England (2006) …. Banjo
        … aka “This is England” – France (English title) (imdb display title)
      • Dead Man’s Shoes (2004) …. Gypsy John

Singer – LEDFOOT

Tim Scott McConnell came into this world in a dusty Florida trailer park in 1958. The son of a traveling boilermaker; he spent most of his young life on the road, averaging about two schools a year while he grew up. At the age of 15 he started building his musical reputation playing biker bars around Florida before moving up to New York City in 1976. He played all the underground New York clubs of legend; CBGBs, Max’s Kansas City and the Mud club, to name just a few. In 1978 he joined up with The Rockats and signed a deal with Island Records and toured around USA in the next 5 years, releasing Live at the Ritz in ’81. Tim released his first solo album “Swear” with Sire Records in 1983 followed by “the High Lonesome Sound” in 87′ with Geffen Records. In 1989 he started The Havalinas with Smutty Smiff (Rockats, 13kats) and Chalo Quitana (Cruzados, Bob Dylan, Social Distortion). The band signed to Elektra after a bidding war between the major record companies in LA and toured around as support acts for Bob Dylan, Chris Isaak and Tina Turner. The band also toured extensively around Europe. In the early 90’s Tim moved to Norway, releasing the albums ”Deceivers and Believers”, “Everywhere I’ve Been”, “The MoMac Trio” and “13 Songs”.

Ledfoot is the culmination of Tims 38 years as a musician, performer and songwriter, presented in its purest form, using just his ‘ Bastard’ twelve-string guitar and foot stomp to accompany himself, his music is a genre unto its self. He calls it Gothic Blues…one listen and it all makes sense. Ledfoot is one of a kind.

The most recent release is Ledfoot Gothic Blues Volume One, Recorded on Thursday evening April twenty eight between the hours of nine and midnight. Giving an amazing heart felt live sound! His recent tours in Europe and England left critics stunned, giving reviews of excellence, comments such as “The man left goose bumps”, “Sex on the guitar” “Mentor to the Blues” “Performance that looked like a piece of Art “performed on our stage. He is the Master of Gothic Blues a spellbound Lesson that cannot be missed.

Investment Opportunities

An Overview


It is what it is belongs to a genre that has established itself with films like Lock stock & two smoking barrels, Snatch, This is England, etc, mixing the visual, very real people, relationships with the complexities and and horrors of the true madness.

This production brings together a cream of new and existing talent, that will provide the necessary ingredients to making this a film which will not only make an impact at the festivals but appeal to a global audience already hooked on similar productions.

These films are sold worldwide to over one hundred countries. Sales estimated (for a film of 100 minutes, average running time) have returns of three times its budget in profit. For example a budget of £500,000 can yield a return of £1,500,000 in profit. In this case we already sales figures of $4-5 million for global television sales.

The company policy is to return investors initial in the first charge before the production team receive their profit share.
With a first in, first out basis, this ensures that the investors is fully protected with his/her investment.
The company policy is to follow guidelines set out by industry standards in the payment of production salaries, in not exceeding market rates.
Keeping the project within budget.

It Is What It Is Is to be shot on location in the United Kingdom but it could be set anywhere, as the story is truly universal.

Sales distribution is to cover theatrical release, airline/transportation, box office, DVD, video, satellite, television and all other electronic media. Re-runs occur in cycles that can cover a life span, therefore royalty payments can cover a period of twenty five years and beyond.


        • Pre-production February 2012
        • Principle photography commences February 2012
        • Delivery December 2012


        • UK £1, 000, 000 subject to Bond Approval (Entertainment Guarantors)

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